Corner Drinker

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Product Description

We understand the importance of providing easy accessible, fresh, clean drinking water to animals. We offer an extensive range of drinkers suitable for internal and external use. The plastic used in our drinkers has high freeze/thaw cracking resistance, a particularly important feature in freezing conditions.

Each drinker is designed with rounded edges for ultimate animal safety. Strategically positioned mounting holes or brackets are provided for secure fitting and ease of installation, where applicable. Some of the bowls have optional left or right valve positioning.

The 5 Gallon Corner Drink Bowl has large reservoir capacity.


Large reservoir capacity bowl
Fitted with 1/2″ brass valve to maintain water at a constant level
4 mounting points for secure fixing to a shed or stable corner
Valve protected within a plastic cover
Optional left or right valve fitting
Built in drain off plug (25mm)
Can be fitted to shed or stable corner


Ensure fresh and clean water is always available for your livestock
Fits neatly in corner allowing you to maximise space
Extremely impact resistant and capable of withstanding aggressive use
Fully adjustable & accessible valve that complies with water safety regulations


Dimensions (mm) 660 x 482 x 241
Capacity (L / gal) 22 / 5
Colours Green or Blue

Additional information

Weight 18 kg


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