Set 2 – Starter Set (4 fence)

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This set comprises: POLYJUMP BLOCKS (4) This jumping block offers various support heights up to 2’6. An extremely versatile training system with a variety of uses: elevated trotting poles, grid-work, showjump fillers. No sharp edges and light enough for the children to handle. Size: 660 mm x 460 mm x 300 mm MULTIJUMPS (4) A popular choice with everyone, it is extremely multifunctional, offering numerous support heights and jump combinations. This best selling block is an established training aid, ideal for grid-work, a valuable aid for lunging and free schooling. In addition it has two pole positions on the inside for elevated trotting poles. Extremely versatile, light, easy to manoeuvre around and with no sharp edges. Size: 840 mm x 610 mm x 305 mm. 8 PRACTICE POLYPOLES 10′ x 3 1/8″ On appearance this pole looks the same as our pro pole but is slightly smaller in diameter and are lighter, ideal for practise use. Size: 10′ x 3 1/8″ (3m x 80mm). Colours as shown with the exception of yellow which has now been replaced for purple.

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