Club Mini Set | 1 Fence

Club Mini Set | 1 Fence

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Our introductory Club Mini Set is comprised of our versatile Hedgehog Jumps and best selling 9 Band Practice Poles.

The Hedgehog Jumps offer 14 different jumping heights! This huge variety makes them perfect for training and everyone can take part! The 9 Band Practice Poles give that professional look whilst being lightweight and easy to move around.


Hedgehog Jump (1 Pair)

Take your jumping to the next level with 14 different heights that are embossed in the moulding. Jumping heights range from 15cm to 110cm. They're safe, lightweight and versatile.

Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 105 cm
Weight: 11 kg each


9 Band Poles (3m x 80mm) (4)

Our 9 Band lightweight poles are ideal for those starting out their show jumping career. They are lighter due to their smaller diameter, and therefore are easier to jump and build confidence with. They are also easier for the younger ones to move around.

Size: 3m x 80mm
Weight: 5.5kg each