Purple Hedgehog Jumps pair with 4 9 Band Practice Poles: Club Style.
Club Mini Set | 1 Fence

Club Mini Set | 1 Fence

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The Club Mini Set has the Hedgehog Jumps and 9 Band Practice Poles in our Club Style. Our Hedgehog Jumps have 15 cups on each side, giving you all the heights you need to build confidence with. This wings have the most cups compared to any of our other wings and blocks and have a maximum jump height of 1.2m.

Their design makes them easy to move around as the top cups act as handles. They have a low centre of gravity and therefore work well in windy conditions. The cups are designed to work with any of our plastic jumping poles and they are also strong enough to hold our wood filled jump poles. These equestrian jumps can be used for a wide variety of jumping exercises for horses and have a huge impact to anyone's yard due to their bright colour scheme!

Jump Poles:
       (4) 9-Band Pole | 3.0 m - Practice (80 mm)
OR (4) 9-Band Pole | 3.0 m - Pro (100 mm)

Wings & Blocks:
       (1) Hedgehog Jump Wings | Pair