Dressage ArenaLite Kit  | 20m x 40m (2m Board)
Dressage ArenaLite Kit  | 20m x 40m (2m Board)

Dressage ArenaLite Kit | 20m x 40m (2m Board)

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Our dressage arenas are built to the highest quality; designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to assemble. This 20m x 40m ArenaLite Kit is comprised of 40 of our Small Markers with 26 x 2m Dressage Boards – just enough to define your dressage area in all key areas.   

Our Dressage Boards are extruded with internal ribs to provide extra strength and durability.  Unlike our standard Dressage Arena these boards are supplied in 2m lengths, minimising transport costs.  Our small dressage markers stand 37cm high and 32 cm wide, weighing in at 1.5 kg each. The tapered design and machined handles enable these markers to be easily stacked, stored, and transported.

Optional Extras:
Choose an additional option to include ‘Integral’ printed letters on your small markers.  K,E,H,C,M,B,F on the small markers included in your ArenaLite plus an extra small marker printed with letter A. 

Alternatively if you wish to have external letters choose 8-piece (A,K,E,H,C,M,B,F) tower marker set.

All printed lettering is scratch and weather resistant to match the great durability of our markers.


36 Small Markers - Plain with Straight Slots.
  4 Small Markers - Plain with Corner Slots.
26 Dressage Boards - 2m Length.
(OPTIONAL) 1 Small Marker - Printed (A) & Printing (K,E,H,C,M,B,F) on 7 Included Plain Markers with Straight Slots.
(OPTIONAL) 8 Tower Markers - Printed (A,K,E,H,C,M,B,F).