Baby Pink PolePods | 4 Pack

Baby Pink PolePods | 4 Pack

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The PolePod can be used as single or a stackable unit to raise the height. When used as a single pole raise, they can be effective in supporting the rehabilitation work to engage the horse's hind end. When stacked, the pole pod makes for more challenging exercises and engagement.

The pole raisers are transportable, lightweight and easy to carry. Which makes them effortless to adjust and vary the exercises each day.

Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 11 cm
Weight: 1 kg (4 pack)


Please note:

  • 4 products per pack. Single colour option per pack.
  • This product does not include the poles. Click here to buy them as a set for a discount.
  • Each PolePod is 4″ high (without pole); it is therefore recommended that you do not exceed double height plus pole height for schooling purposes.

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