Pair of 8 Cups in Eco Green with 2 9 Band Practice Poles.

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Eco 8 Cups | Pair

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Our popular 8 Cups are now available in our unique Eco Friendly material. This new material is just as weather resistant and reliable as our other PolyJumps, but these horse jump wings are produced from Maize and Sugarcane! Our Eco Jumps haven't changed the design of the jumps you know and love, however they are more environmentally friendly.

The 8 Cups have height markings on the side on the wings to help you change the height of your jumping poles with ease. Their tough yet lightweight build makes them the perfect horse jumping training equipment for riders of all ages and experience.

Dimensions: 155 x 70 x 50cm
Weight: 9kg each


Please note:

  • These wings do not include the jumping poles.
  • Horse jumps for sale in pairs only (singles available on special request).