Hedgehog Multi Combo Set

Hedgehog Multi Combo Set

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Our Hedgehog Jumps have 15 cups on each side, giving you all the heights you need to build confidence with. This wings have the most cups compared to any of our other wings and blocks and have a maximum jump height of 1.2m.

The MultiJump! This extremely versatile wing can achieve a jumping height of 92cm with a 100mm Pro Pole. It is fantastic for beginners finding their footing in the show jumping world. This training aid has been used for years and can be used standing upright and lying down giving you even more jumping options! These really are the show jumps for anyone and everyone!

Our 7 Band Practice Poles have an internal core of strong plastic, giving our poles the strength to withstand kicks and knocks from your horse. The outer plastic sleeves (bands) are what give our poles their bright colours and are designed to retain their colour if left out in the sun.

These equestrian jumps can be used for a wide variety of jumping exercises for horses and have a huge impact to anyone's yard due to their bright colour scheme!

What you get in the set.
One pair of Hedgehogs
One pair of Multijumps
Two 7 band practice poles

Fancy different colours just add this in the notes of what colour combinations you require.