Princess Set | 2 Fence
Princess Set | 2 Fence
Princess Set | 2 Fence

Princess Set | 2 Fence

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This is a fantastic gift for those who want a slightly more challenging jump that still looks great! With its bold pink and purple accents, this set pops in the sunshine and would make anyone's perfect Birthday or Christmas... just saying!

Hedgehog Jump (1 Pair)

Take your jumping to the next level with 14 different heights that are embossed in the moulding. Jumping heights range from 15cm to 110cm.

It’s safe, lightweight and versatile and available in 6 different colours.


8 Cup (1 Pair)

These cleverly designed one-piece moulded jump wings have eight built in cups making height alterations quick and easy. The wings have height guides marked, are easy to manoeuvre and with no cups required are the most user-friendly jumps on the market.

Height: 1525mm (5′). Weight: 9 kg each.


9 Band Poles (3m x 100mm) (5)

This set includes 5 9 Band Poles. Our 3m 9 band poles give you the professional appearance at a fair price. They have a double skinned plastic construction, with a hollow interior. This makes them stable, whilst being lightweight and transportable.

Size: 3m x 100mm
Weight: 6.5kg each


Please note:

  • If you would like to change or customise the wings, blocks or poles in this set you can send us an email at, call us on 01386 718 185 or specify on the delivery instructions before checkout.