Recycled Cavaletti Cross | Pair

Recycled Cavaletti Cross | Pair

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A new addition to the PolyJumps range, the Caveletti Cross is inspired by traditional Cavaletti but with the added advantage of PolyJumps practicality - lightweight, durable, and low maintenance.

Designed to be compatible with all types/brands of pole, the PolyJumps Cavaletti Cross is the perfect choice for all raised pole exercises.

Our Eco Cavaletti Blocks are available in our Bio-Green, produced from a bio-resin of maize and sugar cane, and our Recycled-Black material, reclaimed and ready for a new life.

These provide 4 different pole heights using 100mm pole 150mm, 200mm, 380mm & 430mm 

Dimensions: 50.5 x 20 x 40.5 cm
Weight: 2.7 kg each (5.4 kg)
Includes: (
2) Cavaletti Blocks

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