Standard Set | 7 Fence

Standard Set | 7 Fence

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A fantastic addition to your arena with the addition of the 8 Cups. Their unique, in-mould cup design has height markers, allowing you to easily hang your poles at the desired height! Its also has 2 pairs of our famous MultiJumps! These are great to lay up in front of the 8 Cups for a more challenging jump! If you have any photos of this set in use, make sure to tag us on any of our social medias! We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


This set comprises of:

  • 5 Pairs 8 Cup integral wings
  • 2 pairs MultiJumps
  • 12 x 5 Band Lightweight Poles (3m x 80mm 5.5kg) or 12 x 5 Band Heavyweight Poles (3m x 100mm 6.5kg)

8 Cup (5 Pairs) (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White)

These cleverly designed one-piece moulded jump wings have eight built in cups making height alterations quick and easy. The wings have height guides marked, are easy to manoeuvre and with no cups required are the most user-friendly jumps on the market.

Dimensions: 155 x 70 50 cm
Weight: 9 kg each


MultiJumps (2 Pairs) (Blue, Yellow)

A popular choice with everyone, it is extremely multi-functional, offering numerous support heights and jump combinations. This best selling block is an established training aid, ideal for grid-work, a valuable aid for lunging and free schooling. In addition it has two pole positions on the inside for elevated trotting poles. Extremely versatile, light, easy to manoeuvre around and with no sharp edges.

Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 85 cm
Weight: 5.5 kg each

5 Band Poles (3m x 80mm 5.5kg) or (3m x 100mm 6.5kg) (12)

Our 5 Band lightweight poles are ideal for those starting out their show jumping career. They are lighter due to their smaller diameter, and therefore are easier to jump and build confidence with. This set can also be order with the thicker 100mm 5 Band Poles heavyweight poles for those more advanced riders.

Size: 3m x 80mm
Weight: 5.5kg each


Please note:

  • If you would like to change or customise the wings, blocks or poles in this set you can send us an email at, call us on 01386 718 185 or specify on the delivery instructions before checkout.