Pair of MultiJumps in Eco Green with 2 9 Band Practice Poles.

Eco Beginner Jump Set | 1 Fence

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perfect introductory set to our Jump Set collection. Our plastic show jumps give you a safe but enjoyable jumping experience. The MultiJump has 7 different positions for your plastic pole and has a maximum jumping height of 92cm. Our 9-Band Practice Poles are light and easy to use and they can be used with any of our plastic horse jumps!

Our Eco Beginner Jump Set are currently available in our Bio-Green, produced from a bio-resin of maize and sugar cane, and our Recycled-Black, reclaimed and ready for a new life.


(2) MultiJump Wings (Recycled-Black OR Bio-Green)
(2) 9-Band Practice Poles (Lime/Black/White)