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PolyJumps horse jump poles benefit from having a double skinned plastic fabrication, making them both lightweight and strong. For jump poles that will last, look no further.

We offer 3 styles of plastic jumping poles:  5 Band, 7 Band and 9 Band Poles, which are all available in 2 different diameters. The Practice Pole is 80mm diameter and weighs 5.5kg, while the larger Pro Pole is 100mm diameter with a weight of 6.5kg. You can also get the Pro Pole wood filled, making it 11kg. Our poles are 3m long, but we do offer Skinny Poles which are 1.5m long. 

If you are looking for a jump pole that is easy to transport, the Sectional Pole is an ideal choice. This version of the 5 Band pole can be split into two sections, meaning easier storage and cheaper overseas delivery.

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