Frequently Asked Questions



How much is delivery?
Put the items you'd like into your cart, click check out and after you have entered your information your delivery charge will be calculated automatically.

How quickly can you deliver?
We hold many of our products in stock and can often get orders out for delivery quickly. However, if we need to manufacture any items in your order, it may take longer. If you are happy to change your colour choice in order to get your order more rapidly, please give us a call to discuss. For more information please visit our Shipping Policy.

What type of packaging do you use?
We utilise widely recycled translucent heat-shrink plastic wrap when packaging all of our products.

Only half my order has arrived?
Due to the odd shapes and sizes that our products come in, orders are sometimes split into 2 separate deliveries. These are usually just 1 day apart, however you can always check the whereabouts of your order here using the tracking number on your order confirmation email and you Post Code.

Do you deliver to the Channel Islands?
Yes we do! You can email us with your desired items (or screenshot your cart), as well as a shipping address and we will get a delivery cost for you.

Do you deliver internationally?
We do not currently deliver internationally, however you can still purchase our products via our international distributors.

Can I collect?
Yes you can! After clicking check out in the cart you will be taken to the information section of check out. You will see an option under Delivery method to Collect.

Can you delivery to my yard?
We can deliver to a yard, as long as it has a valid Post Code.

Can you call me before my order arrives as I might not be on site?
The earliest we can arrange a call is 20 minutes before arrival. We would always recommend someone is at the delivery address to accept delivery. You can also have the order dropped off in a safe area, but these directions cannot be through any private property.


Our Products

Are your jumps manufactured in the UK?
Yes! All of our plastic show jumps and poles are made here in Inkberrow, Worcestershire.

How strong are the plastic jumps?
As one of our happy customers has said: “I had a wall section knelt on, trod on and kicked around an arena by an enormous horse [...] The plastic is tough, yet flexible when it needs to be and I’m still very impressed”. 

Can the products be left outside?
Our jumps are made from Polyethylene and can withstand all weather conditions. Of course, it is always safer to take your products inside after use, but they will not rot or crack from being left out in the elements.

Can your poles be used as trotting poles and jumping poles?
Yes! Our poles are very versatile and can be used for both trotting and jumping. 

Can I order a custom set?
Yes you can! We make custom sets every day! Just send us an email and let us know what you would like. It’s as simple as that!


Social Media

What social media platforms are you on?
We are on Facebook (@PolyJumpsOnline), Instagram (@polyjumps), TikTok (@polyjumps) and Twitter (@polyjumpsonline).

 Am I allowed to post your photos?
Yes! We appreciate all the support we receive across all platforms. You can use our photos from our website, as long as you reference PolyJumps and paste a link back to the website / photo with the correct URL.



Can I be a brand ambassador / sponsor?
If you would like to be considered for our sponsorship programmes please send us an email with the header “PolyJumps | Sponsor | YOUR NAME”. Please do bear in mind that we receive a large amount of emails every day regarding sponsorship, but we will do our best to get back to you.