Advanced Set | 8 Fence
Advanced Set | 8 Fence
Advanced Set | 8 Fence

Advanced Set | 8 Fence

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The Advanced Set has the perfect combination of wings and blocks. The Combi Blocks allow for a wide variety of pole height combinations and the 8 Cups add a fantastic verticality to the set. These paired with the Cross Wings give the set it's professional feel and aesthetic.


This set comprises of:

  • 3 Pairs 8 Cups
  • 4 Pairs Cross Wings
  • 4 Bridge Blocks
  • 10 Pairs Competition Cups
  • 1 Pair Combi Blocks
  • 21 Pro Poles

8 Cup (3)

These cleverly designed one-piece moulded jump wings have eight built in cups making height alterations quick and easy. The wings have height guides marked, are easy to manoeuvre and with no cups required are the most user-friendly jumps on the market.

Height: 1525mm (5′). Weight: 9 kg each.


Cross Wings (8)

These moulded wings are a popular choice where you want a conventional wing look but without the weight. It comes with detachable feet for easy transportation and storage, and pre cut slots for your Competition Cups to sit in.

Height: 1500mm (5′).
Weight: 11.5kg each (1.5kg per foot).

Combi Block (2)

One of the most versatile plastic show jumps on the market! This jump can offer endless combinations of jump heights and is the perfect addition to your set no matter the experience.

Dimensions: 1300mm x 1520mm.

Bridge Filler (4)

This sturdy free standing bridge filler is perfect to fit under your poles, or just to add a great aesthetic to your fence. It can also be combined with an extension piece to increase the height. 

Dimensions: 1470 x 700 x 365mm


9 Band Poles (3m x 100mm) (21)

This set includes 21 9 Band Poles. Our 3m 9 band poles give you the professional appearance at a fair price. They have a double skinned plastic construction, with a hollow interior. This makes them stable, whilst being lightweight and transportable.

Size: 3m x 100mm
Weight: 6.5kg each

Competition Cups (20)

This Competition Cup fit into our Cross Wings, as the track is pre-cut into the wing itself.