Eco Superior Set in arena. From left to right, 1 pair of MultiJumps, 1 pair of Hedgehogs, 1 pair of 8 Cups and 1 pair of Combi Blocks all in our Eco material. The set has 11 9 Band Practice or Pro Poles.
Eco MultiJumps with 2 9 Band Practice Poles.
Eco Hedgehogs with 2 9 Band Practice Poles.
Eco 8 Cups with 2 9 Band Practice Poles.
Eco Combi Blocks with 5 9 Band Practice Poles.

Eco Superior Set | 4 Fence

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The Superior Set is now available in our Eco Jump range! The Superior jump set has a multitude of jump wings, jumping block and poles! These horse jumps will give you and your horse plenty of different exercises to run as the set comes with plenty of plastic poles.

Our Eco Jump range is made from a plastic derived from Maize and Sugarcane! Even through the material is environmentally sourced it is still just as strong and durable as our other PolyJumps!

Eco MultiJumps (1 Pair)
Eco Hedgehogs (1 Pair)
Eco 8  Cups (1 Pair)
Eco Combi Blocks (1 Pair)
Practice or Pro 9 Band Poles (11)


Please note:

  • These horse jumps for sale cannot have their colour changed as they are made from our unique bio-resin material.