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Horse going over polepods


Why PolePods ?

PolePods are a lightweight, strong, portable and versatile training tool. They can be used for raised pole work to vary your horses work activity. Additionally, the PolePods can be used to perform lunge work, long reining or ridden work. 


Why Are They So Effective?

The PolePods can be used as single or a stacked units to raise the height of you Poles. When used as a single pole raise, they can be effective in supporting the rehabilitation work to engage the horses hind end. When stacked, the PolePod makes for more challenging exercises and engagement.

They are transportable, lightweight and effortless to carry, which makes them easy to adjust and vary the exercises each day.

The design of the PolePod means they will resist light brushing and balance the pole. So you don’t have to keep getting on and off the horse to adjust them.


Other Uses

PolePods can also be used to help with accuracy for dressage. They are easy to place in configurations as markers to enable leg yielding, rein-back and transition points.

PolePods can be used for groundlines in jumping grid exercises to minimise pole movement.


Are They Strong and Can My Horse Injure Themselves Standing on Them?

The PolePod is a one-piece moulded product, which means it will not break. They are made from moulded plastic and have no sharp edges and are designed to roll away if significant pressure is applied.


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