12 Dressage Tower Markers sat on gravel. Black painted letters on all sides (A, B, C, E, F, H, K, M, R, S, P, V).
Close up of Dressage Tower Markers to show scratch resistant painted lettering.

Dressage Tower Markers | Set of 12

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Our sets of dressage arena markers are available in a 4-piece (R,S,P,V), 8-piece (A,K,E,H,C,M,B,F), or combined 12-piece (A,K,E,H,C,M,B,F,R,S,P,V) offering. 

Our tower dressage markers stand 68 cm high and 39 cm wide, weighing in at 3.0 kg each. Their tapered design and machined handle means that these markers can be easily stacked, stored, and transported. All printed lettering is scratch and weather resistant to match the great durability of our markers. 

12 Tower Markers - Printed (A,K,E,H,C,M,B,F,R,S,P,V)