A pair of Purple 8 Cups with 4 9 Band Poles, Club Style and a pair of Purple Combi Blocks with 5 9 Band Poles in arena.

Intermediate Club Set | 2 Fence

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The intermediate Club Set has 2 challenging fences. The 8 Cup jump wings offer 8 different height levels for your poles, giving any rider a challenging height no matter their experience. The Combi Blocks behind not only give you the option to jump high, but also long. The Combi Block show jumps can be laid on their long edge, giving you a lower, but longer jump to be taken at speed!

This exciting set is perfect for the aspiration rider who always wants to challenge themselves!

8 Cups (1 Pair)
Combi Blocks (1 Pair)
Pro or Practice Poles 9 Band (9)

Please note:

  • To customise this set send an email to info@polyjumps.com, call us on 01386 718 185 or specify in the Cart Notes before checkout.