4 fences all purple. MultiJumps, Hedgehogs Jumps, 8 Cups and Combi Blocks. The first 3 fences 2 9 Band Practice poles coloured Baby blue, yellow and purple. The Combi Block have 5 poles on the. The jumps are in the an arena.

Superior Club Set | 4 Fence

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One of our most popular sets! The Superior Set has a variety of challenging and exciting show jump fences. Each wing and block has its own unique flair and each has
 plenty to offer. The MultiJumps' versatility makes for an easy start to the set, but quickly becomes more challenging, ending with the Combi Blocks. This set included 11  of our plastic jumping poles making the combinations and possibilities endless!

Jump Poles:
       (11) 9-Band Pole | 3.0 m - Practice (80 mm) 
OR (11) 9-Band Pole | 3.0 m - Pro (80 mm) 

Jump Wings:
      (1) Hedgehog Jump Wings | Pair
&   (1) MultiJump Wings | Pair 
  (1) 8 Cups | Pair 
  (1) Combi Blocks | Pair