3 MiniBlocks in the PolyJumps Eco material. All laid on different sides to show the different jump heights the Mini Blocks have to offer.
3 pair of Eco Mini Blocks with 3 Pro Poles showing the three different heights the Mini Blocks can be set up with.

Bio-Green Mini Blocks | Pack of 6

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Our Mini Blocks are a valuable asset for your elevation work. They help to improve coordination and improve flat-work. In addition, the multi-directional mould allows you to be more creative with your training.

Many of our customer's use the dressage training Mini Blocks to improve outline, increase collection, engagement and lifting the forehand to improve flexibility, rhythm and balance. The block can be rotated around to vary the heights of the poles. A maximum height of 30cm can be achieved with the Pro Pole. If you would like to purchase these blocks with poles, make sure to check out our combo sets, to save money!

Our Eco Mini Blocks are available in our Bio-Green, produced from a bio-resin of maize and sugar cane, and our Recycled-Black material, reclaimed and ready for a new life.

Dimensions:   220 x 180 x 100 mm
Weight:           2.4 kg (0.4 kg Each)
Includes:         (6) Mini Blocks